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Smarter Surgery

Instruments for the next generation operating room

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Smart Tools

Briteseed is delivering the first hyperspectral imaging technology integrated into laparoscopic and robotic surgical tools. This platform will provide real-time sensing of critical structures to improve safety and outcomes of surgical procedures.

Briteseed is developing a suite of surgical instruments, including advanced energy, stapler, and dissection solutions. This platform will provide dynamic information to surgeons about the presence of hidden structures - think blood vessels, ureters, and nerves - as well as the quality of tissues.

Integrated Technology

Integration with any O.R. Monitor

Smart detection in your favorite tools

Smart Vision Engine: power and precision

Real-time visualization of critical structures

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System Features

Briteseed tools fit seamlessly into surgical workflows to provide critical, actionable information at exactly the right time. Information is displayed onto existing surgical monitors without the need to swap instruments.


Our Team


Jonathan Gunn JD, PhD



Graham Throckmorton PhD

Lead Optical Engineer


Shetha Shukair PhD

Director of Clinical and Translational Research

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Jacob Altstadt MS

Lead Research Engineer


Akshay Vadali MS

Lead Signal Processing Engineer

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Rohan Keshavan MS

Signal Processing Engineer

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